Understanding the Relevance of Data Destruction Services for Businesses

Business data is always vulnerable. Regardless of the technologies used and other changes in operational policies, businesses still need to deal with the considerable amount of data every day, both on paper and otherwise. After a point, a part of the data becomes obsolete, but remains a matter a concern, because you never know who is looking for internal company information. This is exactly where data destruction services come into the picture.

Do we really need data destruction services?

Well, for most businesses, data destruction is not a choice – it’s something they must take seriously. For papers, it is possible to get the job done with shredding machine, and in case you have tons of papers and files, you will still need professional help. For electronic data, it is even more important to hire a company that specializes in data destruction.  Just wiping your data and deleting the files from your hard drive is not enough. There are endless recovery tools and software options out there that can recover almost everything – right from PDF files to Word and Excel documents. Typically, data destruction services follow a set of protocols, which are used to clean and wipe data from hard drives. The process is highly secure and tested at all levels, and therefore, there are no concerns related to data recovery.

Finding a service

Finding a data destruction service can be a more complicated job. You need a team that you can rely on, and therefore, experience and expertise are two aspects that cannot be ignored. You also need to check if the company has been certified some of the leading organizations in the e-waste industry. Also, check if the company has an EPA approved facility and whether they have all the required permits for the job.

Other tips

First things first, be present when you are getting rid of important files and data from hard drives. Check the process, and if possible, always seek on-premise services. For paper shredding, ask for an estimate in advance, which largely depends on the volume. Ditto for hard drives, as well, but in this case, a fixed amount is charged for each hard drive. Ask the company about their protocols, so that you can be assured of permanent data removal. Cross check the drives before you send them for recycling.

Check online now to find companies for data destruction and e-waste management, and don’t shy away from asking references.

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