7 signs that digital marketing is in your blood

Your career is the most central thing in your life. Some people, since their childhood, know what their future career is going to be. While some people spend years in search of a good job and establish their careers pretty lately. If you think about beginning a career in digital marketing, then you definitely should check our list of signs that this job is in your blood. 

1. You know that communication is everything

This job means taking every second of your life to synthesize, organize, and absorb information. You have to be able to choose the right words for an important message, correctly present the goals of the campaign, and you should constantly keep abreast of industry news. Thus, every day, you will balance between absorption and content generation.

 2. You have a spark of self-expression inside of you

Digital marketing gives you plenty of room for imagination. Not much can be compared with the feeling of rising "from zero to one hundred" as a result of many hours of tedious work, or vice versa a sudden flash of inspiration that lit up at 4 in the morning.

 3. You can easily switch to other topics

At one point, you think about the way how your new banner will look like, and after a minute you post a catchy tweet on your brand’s account promoting a healthy lifestyle. You should be obsessed with research for a case on information security for a financial institution, and then be able to write a playful letter for mailing on behalf of the orphanage. Digital marketing is for you if you can quickly and confidently change your tone of storytelling.

 4. You insatiably crave new knowledge

This sign is closely connected with the previous one because you should always be up to date with the latest news about both marketing and the customer industry.  This is not a mechanical process: you must have a constant desire to seek for information, read and absorb news, research, and analyze cases on digital marketing. Subscribe to opinion leaders and digital marketing experts, learn best practices, and best resources. Enhance your creativity and communication skills with continuous self-education, by learning SEO, web design, and many other related branches of digital marketing.

 5. You thrive in an ever-changing environment.

This week your only job is collecting keywords for a new eCommerce client. Next week, you’ll be immersed in the intricacies of customizing Twitter targeted advertisements for the stock trading platform. You post content on all social platforms, replacing a colleague on vacation, and later discuss a quarterly analytics report with a client.

 6. You are a team player with high self-organization

The additional chief quality of a successful digital marketer is the ability to succeed in autonomous work. If you can motivate and organize yourself, to be focused on productivity, even when you have no one to control and direct you.

 7. You know how to stay in the shade, but also not afraid of publicity

Marketers do the lion's share of the work on behalf of their customers. The best fruits of your work will be published with the signature of some other person or brand. You will succeed in digital marketing if working in the shade does not hurt your ego.

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